Operation & Maintenance

At Solar World Stain, we take care of the preventive and corrective care of high and low voltage installations.

We offer breakdown and maintenance service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We implement IV curves and thermographs to ensure optimal performance at all times, adapting to your specific needs with precision and efficiency.

Development of solar and wind energy projects

We are specialists in project development and 360º service to our clients. Because of this, we get involved in the development and creation of projects with solutions in each of the phases of the project. What do we offer you?

    • Integral Development: From the conception to the connection to the network, we accompany each step of the project.
    • Insured Incentives: We manage the procurement of incentives, ensuring the optimal return on your investments..
    • Guaranteed quality: I work with the best materials to ensure durability and efficiency.
    • Ready-to-Build Project: We present a visual and construction-ready project, simplifying your path to success.

    EPC Construction


    (Engineering Procurement and

    From initial engineering to commissioning, we cover all phases prior to the commercialization of the energy produced.

    With total flexibility and transparency, our team manages the client’s relationships and procedures with suppliers, authorities, construction companies and marketers. In this way, we ensure a smooth process and a seamless transition to full operation.

    Self-consumption electricity

    Discover the self-consumption revolution with Solar World Stain!

    1. Free Study: Evaluates the price and technical feasibility of the electric self-consumption installation.

    2. Guaranteed Quality: We use state-of-the-art technology and high quality materials.

    3. Energy Efficiency: Solutions designed to maximize energy efficiency.

    4. Sustainable Profitability: Focus on long-term financially profitable solutions.


    At Solar World Stain, we offer aerothermal solutions that not only keep you comfortable, but also do wonders for the planet!

    Why aerothermics?

    1. Energy Efficiency: Transforms air into heat for heating and hot water in your home.
    2. Sustainable Savings: 80% of the energy comes from the air, offering you constant savings.
    3. All Inclusive: Professional installation and supply of equipment, no worries for you..

    Enjoy a warm and efficient home!

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