Green Solutions

Optimizing energy management is of utmost importance to The Solar World Stain and of highest priority. We look for green solutions products with the latest technical developments to achieve significant energy savings. In addition to carrying out the development of our activity with minimal emissions.

We are aware that as The Solar World Stain’s business grows. Our responsibilities with the environment and green solutions also grow. The global challenge that we face with climate change affects us all and we must take into account the impact of our actions. Offering solutions and products to reduce the environmental impact of energy use is our main objective.

The Solar World Stain is committed to the environment. But in addition to this awareness, it becomes an important financial saving. Increasing the efficiency of the services we offer to our clients.
Energy efficiency studies and optimization of use.
Monitoring of energy consumption and analysis of energy products.
Photovoltaic solutions: Solar Pumping, Self-consumption, Isolated photovoltaic installations, mobile photovoltaic generators, etc …
Sustainable, ecological, safe and efficient products.
Alternatives to reduce the carbon footprint and the environmental impact.

The Solar World Stain

The Solar World Stain is a Spanish business group based in Tokyo, Madrid and Albacete that develops, builds and operates photovoltaic solar energy projects in several countries.

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If you have any doubts or are thinking about developing a photovoltaic solar energy project, do not hesitate to contact us through any of these means.

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